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We practise law holistically. Our goal is not to pick and win fights, but – through civility and good will – to achieve justice and healing for our clients.

We endeavour to dispose of disputes, quickly and inexpensively. However, where it is appropriate, we will act passionately for our clients.

Since 1974, our boutique law firm has provided friendly, prompt and affordable services in the following practice areas:

  • Arbitration, mediation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR)
  • Commercial contracts
  • Conveyancing and notarial work
  • Family law
  • Labour law
  • Litigation
  • Liquidations
  • Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning

Featured Articles

Restraint of Trade Agreements – When can they be enforced?

Source: Lara Chidrawi, consultant: Restraint of Trade Agreements are valid until shown to be against public policy and therefore unreasonable and unenforceable.  The employee bears the onus to prove …

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Invoice Discounting

What is invoice discounting? Invoice discounting occurs when a Client (“the Client”) enters into an agreement with another business (“the Invoice Discounter”) in terms of which the Client cedes its …

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What is the legal effect of sending an SMS, instead of a letter, fax or email, to give notice or enforce a contract?

A colleague of mine, Andrew Marshall, of Dingley Marshall Attorneys, wrote this most interesting article:, which he’s happy for me to share. A “data message” like an SMS has …

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Can I claim the costs of hiring a car, after an accident that was not my fault?

Q Regarding a recent motor vehicle accident, my vehicle has sustained a considerable amount of damage, in an accident caused (and admitted to) by a party driving on duty for …

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Termination of a service agreement and s 197 of the LRA

In Enviroserv Waste Management v Interwaste (Pty) t/a Interwaste Environmental Solutions and Others (P408/15) [2015] ZALCPE 6, the court had to decide if the expiry of a limited duration contract …

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Same-Sex Couples And Paternity Leave

The maternity leave options contemplated in terms of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, 1997 (“the BCEA”) provide that: A mother has the right to four months of unpaid maternity …

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Who pays for repairs to water leaks in my complex?

A client, who lives in a double-story sectional title complex, asked me: “My neighbour above me has a water leak in his bathroom. Water has seeped through to my unit …

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Sectional title maintenance and improvement

Is your sectional title complex looking a bit tired? Maintenance The trustees of your body corporate need to maintain the complex (to keep it more or less in its original …

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Overseas assets and your will

If you have offshore assets, it’s a good idea to have separate wills, one for your assets in South Africa, and the other/s for assets in each country where you …

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Must a pension fund give effect to the wishes of the deceased?

The issue before the court was who a pension fund must pay the death benefits to. In a beneficiary nomination form, the deceased nominated only his mother and his daughter. …

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At what age can a child decide for themselves whether they want to maintain contact with the other parent

A client asked: At what age can the child legally decide for themselves whether they want to maintain contact with the other parent? Answer: There is no set age in …

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When can a mom relocate overseas with her child born out of wedlock without the biological father’s consent?

My client has a child born out of wedlock. She wants to marry a UK citizen and wants to know if she needs the biological father’s consent to relocate with …

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