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What our clients say about us

  • Hi Roy, would just like to say BRILLIANT WEBSITE!!!! Helped me a lot re family law ;). Well Done!! 10/10 to you!! Dalene
  • “I have been receiving your e-mails for a while now and they are very informative, but this is not the reason for this e-mail. This e-mail is just to thank you for being the person that you are, sending the e-mails and now the free legal seminars to help people with information to guide them through whatever they are going through. I have been working with attorneys for 13 years and never ever experienced what I saw this morning. On behalf of the people that you will still meet and help – just want to say thank you for what you are doing for the people out there and may you and your company and staff be blessed”. Orsilla
  • “The service I have received from Bregmans has been phenomenal. Roy is awesome and he helped me out tremendously. The advice he gave was sound, practical and his counsel helped me so much and I am so grateful.” Gugu-Lisa
  • “My experience with Bregmans has been more of a friend relationship than a business one. I cannot believe the willingness to help with advice when needed. You guys deserve an award! You guys give the ‘Lawyers’ or ‘Attorneys’ a whole new meaning – ‘Friend’.” Alex
  • “I just wanted to let you know that your website has been incredibly informative through my divorce and the handling of maintenance, children’s access and contact and all the in between. Every fight or threat that came my way I started googling and I always landed up on your site, now I just go straight to your site and my questions are answered.” Sarah
  • ‘My name is Bridgette, and I have had the pleasure of reading your website for the first time today. I would like to convey my compliments on the quality of information provided, as well as the manner in which you have managed to portray your professionalism combined with genuine empathy for the person who finds themselves on the receiving end of some kind of legal wrangle or other. I had the absolute pleasure of speaking to Una a good many months back via contact with the Father’s for Justice website and was overwhelmed by the heartfelt way in which my concerns were addressed. It was a custody matter, one which is close to my heart and, unfortunately hasn’t been resolved as funding the required course of action would be a mammoth undertaking. Reading the articles on the website today reaffirmed my initial views of Una who is clearly a representative of the ideals portrayed on the site. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for making the wealth of information available on your website for people with my constraints, and look forward to making use of your firm when finances would allow it’.
  • “I have found Mr Bregman to be an absolute gentleman and extremely professional. I could phone Roy at any time of the day or night and request assistance Once a matter is handed over to him he responds immediately and corresponds regarding steps taken. His invoices are forwarded monthly which I feel is essential in order to decide if is profitable to proceed with a matter. Monthly reports are also received on all matters. No matter is either too big or small for Roy.” Linda Hall – Macsteel Roofing
  • ‘Looking for a South African based lawyer? In just two weeks from initial contact, Roy Bregman successfully completed an important legal research project for us; and, the whole process was handled online! Roy’s incredible understanding of the SA legal system and the firm’s efficient and highly professional methods make Roy Bregman Attorneys the ultimate choice for any offshore client’ (Dr Charles Schofield, Managing Director, IES Conferences, Australia)
  • “Patient, honest and kind (what you don’t expect from a lawyer), while extremely knowledgeable; I trust him – both with our security, and our case. If you need a lawyer in the Johannesburg area, I can’t stress enough how great Roy Bregman of Bregmans is. Nathaniel Stern
  • “Thank you for the information I got off your web site. Very informative and encouraging. It’s very nice to see that there are lawyers out there that have the people’s interests at heart and are willing to give free advice.” Lilihana
  • “Thank you for a really, really wonderful website. I am totally broke, my ex is not paying maintenance, and from your website, I have learned so very much regarding my rights, and the mistakes that he has made in dealing with this issue.”Barbara
  • “I would like to thank you for your assistance for handling my rehabilitation case. Your service was excellent and it is worth the money I paid for. Thank you very much.” Belinda
  • “A step in the right direction for sure! Thank you too for providing the most up-to-date, quality and helpful info with regard to legal matters. Whenever requiring legal advice or searching for any material with regard to SA Law, yours is always the very first site I visit, knowing I will find exactly what I need there!”


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