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Consumer Law

Sarah-lynn Tennant has been recognised as a consumer law specialist in South Africa, with emphasis on providing legal opinions, lectures and compliance reviews in relation to consumer-supplier relationships, credit, debt counselling, contracts, and protection of personal information or access thereto. She has written a textbook to this effect.





These are her areas of speciality:

  1. Consumer law – Consumer Protection Act, National Credit Act, Protection of Personal Information Act, and Promotion of Access to Information Act.
  1. Business entities – Companies Act; laws of a partnership, sole proprietor, trust, non-profit organisation, and voluntary association; and corporate governance.
  1. Law of contract – general and specific requirements.
  1. International trade law
  1. Provision of legal opinions, content development such as agreements / brochures / flow charts etc, compliance summaries and the drafting of internal manuals / policies.

Consumer Protection Act
Consumer Protection Regulations  
The Consumer Protection Guide for Lawyers
National Credit Act

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