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  • How to deal with barking dogs

    The sensible thing to do is to chat to your neighbour, over a cup of tea, and explain that the dog is preventing your baby from sleeping (or whatever) and ...

  • What is the essence of common law nuisance?

    It lies in the maxim sic utere tuo aliennum non laedas – which means use your own property in such a manner as not to injure that of another.

    In the ...

  • Noise Control Regulations

    In terms of the Environment Conservation Act 73 of 1989

    See the regulations

    These are the offences and possible fines:


  • Information and procedure with regard to Noise Nuisance Complaints

    Transgression of the stipulations of the Noise Control Regulations of Gauteng is a criminal offence and the accused can be fined up to R20 000 or imprisoned for up to ...

  • Boundaries, Walls and Fences

    Where your property rights end

    Source: Reader’s Digest’s You and Your Rights

    As a landowner, you are entitled to enjoy, use, consume, convert, alter, destroy or sell your property and what the ...

  • Court ends high-voltage neighbours’ feud

    It was a row over the fence between neighbours, but it became so bitter that after three years the Cape High Court had to step in to resolve it.

    Court ends ...

  • Dog bites from a different angle

    Serious dog bites are common causes for Court disputes. Apart from intent to cause harm and obvious negligence, two principles are usually used by the defense in these cases, namely ...

  • Fences between Properties

    Whose responsibility is the fence?

    Source: Reader’s Digest’s You and Your Rights

    If there is no proof that a boundary (party) wall is entirely on one of two adjoining properties, the law ...

  • Problem with pigeons

    I live in a sectional title townhouse complex. My neighbour feeds birds once a day that attracts pigeons that roost in our eaves and mess all over our roof.  Is this ...

  • Property Rights: My Neighbor is a Nuisance

    The actions of my neighbour are interfering with my enjoyment of my property. What are the general principals applying to the doctrine of nuisance?

    Source: Findlaw

    This article has been written for ...

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