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Our Fee Structure

First interview with an attorney

During the first consultation, we will assess your case, and if you want us to assist you, we will ask you to sign our mandate and comply with the FICA requirements.

The cost of the initial consultation will depend on the nature of the matter and the seniority of the partner that meets you.

Fee structure:

  • During the initial consultation, we will determine the nature of your problem, see whether we can help you and, if so, at what cost.
  • We offer alternative billing arrangements such as agreeing on a fixed fee up front, that will give you peace of mind by assuring that you won’t be met with unexpected legal fees.
  • Our fees are exclusive of VAT.
  • We would require you to sign our standard fee agreement so that the scope of the work, the method of calculating the fee and the payment terms are in writing.


To assure satisfaction we:

  • Promise an honest and frank assessment of your case.
  • Set expectations with you up front (what you expect and the likelihood of achieving it).
  • Define the scope of our mandate.
  • Determine what features or services are important to you.

FICA requirements

If you are happy to entrust us with your legal work, we will need you to supply us with certain information, so that we comply with Section 21 of the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, no. 38 of 2001.

Can’t afford legal fees?

If you cannot afford the services of an attorney, you do have other options:

Legal Aid SA provides professional legal advice and representation to those who can’t afford it (if you are unemployed, or are employed, but your take-home pay is under R 5,500.00 per month).

Attorneys in South Africa provide 24 hours per year of pro bono (free) legal assistance to indigent members of the public on a compulsory basis. Pro bono is administered by the four provincial law societies where attorneys are registered.


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