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Property Law Articles

  • The Two Body Corporate Funds

    Sectional Title – the need to keep two separate body corporate funds

    Bodies Corporate must now keep 2 funds, a ‘reserve’ and an ‘administrative’ fund.

    This is prescribed by the Sectional Titles ...

  • Servitudes Can Affect the Value of a Property.

    By Helen Grange


    When you’re hunting for a property, it’s important to ask the right questions, and one of them should be: ‘is there a servitude?’ The presence ...

  • Body corporate cut off electricity

    The Body Corporate switched off a client’s electricity, because he fell into arrears with his levies. He asked me what steps he could take to have his electricity switched back ...

  • Penalty for early cancellation of a residential lease

    What rights does a landlord have if a tenant cancels the residential lease, before it ends?

    The tenant has the right to cancel the lease at any time (on 20 business ...

  • Unlawfully evicted?

    Because the landlord has evicted you without first getting a court order, you need to bring what is called a “spoliation” application to be allowed back onto the leased premises.

    As ...

  • Body Corporate Fines – How Binding Are They?

    Can a Body Corporate fine an owner for, e.g. making too much noise, being discourteous to security officers, or keeping a pet, against the Conduct Rules of the complex?

    Karen Bleijs ...

  • Who pays for repairs to water leaks in my complex?

    A client, who lives in a double-story sectional title complex, asked me: “My neighbour above me has a water leak in his bathroom. Water has seeped through to my unit ...

  • Sectional title maintenance and improvement

    Is your sectional title complex looking a bit tired?


    The trustees of your body corporate need to maintain the complex (to keep it more or less in its original condition). These ...

  • When can a body corporate fine a tenant?

    Can you please assist on tenants’ rights in terms of fines being issued by the Body Corporate?

    I am able to give you a brief general answer to your query, however ...

  • My body corporate has disconnected my electricity!


    Please can you kindly advise me on how I can challenge the body corporate to stop the process of disconnecting electricity.

    The electricity at our complex is pre-paid.


    As regards your ...

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