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  • Altering the surname of a minor

    A client asked: My wife and I have been raising her son. The biological father had passed. How can we change his surname to mine?

    You can change the surname of ...

  • Can I change my child’s surname?

    Q- I am divorced and remarried. My ex-husband has no contact with the minor children and I would like to change their surname to my married name or perhaps, give ...

  • Access to Children

    Rights of a parent without custody

    Access to children

    A divorced parent who has not been awarded custody of his or her children has a right – and ...

  • Access to minor children

    Where parents do not live together, access serves to promote a continuing parental relationship between the non-custodian parent and his or her child

    Access to minor children

    Source: Family Law Service by ...

  • Do third parties have a right of contact with a child?

    There is nothing in our common law to indicate that anyone has an inherent right of access to a minor child other than the biological parents of a child.

    Do third ...

  • Contact times with minor children

    Although contact times depend on circumstances,
    the Family Advocate has made these recommendation
    est test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test ...

  • Rights of grandparents to contact with grandchildren

    What rights of access do grandparents have to their grandchildren

    In LH and another v LBA (EL1426/20101, Eastern Cape High Court) the court had to decide what rights of access grandparents had to ...
  • Access by someone other than a child’s parents

    In principle, anyone may apply for contact with a child, provided that the applicant can show that access would serve the child’s best interests.

    Access by someone other than a child’s ...

  • Granny Flat

    Is a grandparent entitled to access to a grandchild?

    Source: Venn Nemeth and Hart, attorneys Pietermaritzburg

    Judge Jolyon Knoll of the Cape High Court recently had the unenviable task of hearing an application by a ...

  • Parental responsibilities and rights

    The Children’s Act of 2005 defines ‘parental responsibilities and rights’

    Parental responsibilities and rights

    The Children’s’ Act of 2005 defines ‘parental responsibilities and rights’, in relation to a child, as the responsibilities and the ...

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