Biography Of Sharusha Moodley

Sharusha Moodley was admitted to practice in 2004 and serves as the firm’s head of litigation. She has successfully represented several large Companies and SME clients in complex commercial and labour disputes. Sharusha is an accredited mediator and is skilled in the resolution of commercial disputes and deadlocked negotiations.

Her team delivers relevant and specialist advice across all types of dispute resolution (comprising negotiation, mediation, conciliation, and conflict resolution – to guide the parties toward settlement without the time and expense of going to court) to commercial litigation (consisting of advice on civil disputes and litigation and courtroom strategy).

Sharusha and her support team have the experience and capacity to provide our clients with a full spectrum of litigation advice and support in matters related to:

  • Corporate and commercial litigation, including dispute resolution
  • Labour and employment law litigation
  • Property Litigation
  • General Litigation
  • Unlawful competition and restraints of trade
  • Urgent applications for interdictory relief
  • Specialist advice in all aspects of employment and labour law
  • Legal advice, support services and litigation related to the insurance sector.

Contact Sharusha:

Accredited Mediator

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