Legalese Vs Plain Language

Legalese Vs Plain Language

Legalese is a pattern of writing that is lengthy, obscure, and intelligible only to lawyers but not the man in the street. Have you seen a contract written in legalese before? This is a typical clause. “In the event that the Party of the First Part undertakes any act or effort whatsoever to extend such… Continue Reading

Leaving this Mortal Coil

Leaving this mortal coil – taking care of your digital and physical assets I have posted a Wishes and Memories booklet on our website that will be a clear record of your funeral wishes, a source of important documents for legal and public records, and a permanent keepsake of your fondest memories to speak to… Continue Reading

Long v South African Breweries

Constitutional Court confirms it is not necessary to hold a pre-suspension hearing. In Long v South African Breweries (Pty) Ltd and Others [2018] ZACC 7 the Constitutional Court confirmed that there is no requirement to afford the employee an opportunity to make representations prior to the implementation of his/her precautionary suspension by an employer. The… Continue Reading

Enforcement of Foreign Judgments

  Source: Herbert Smith Freehills LLP   Which domestic laws and regulations govern the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in your jurisdiction? The enforcement of foreign judgments in South Africa is governed by: the Enforcement of Foreign Civil Judgments Act (32/1998) (EFCJ); and the common law.   The EFCJ applies only to judgments handed… Continue Reading

Newly Single – How to Financially Get Over Your Ex

This article was originally published at Some of the content is American based but is still very useful in a South African context. Breakups are painful and confusing. All of a sudden, your life is completely different, and you now need to deal with everything on your own — including financial matters. Even though… Continue Reading

Contract Non-Variation Clause

Is cancellation of a contract by email valid? The tenant of leased premises purported to cancel a lease through the exchange of emails. A non-variation clause in a lease required that cancellation be in writing and signed by parties. Then landlord sought and was granted an interdict by the High Court in that the emails… Continue Reading

Can a hotel guest sue for an injured ankle?

A guest slipped and fell in a hotel bathroom and injured his ankle. The court, in Klassen v Blue Lagoon Hotel and Conference Centre had to decide if the hotel was negligent and had to pay the guest damages. The defendant disputed liability, alleging that the plaintiff was drunk at the relevant time. It also… Continue Reading

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