Parental Alienation

Source: Shando Theron, Head of the Matrimonial Law Department at Theron & Theron Attorneys in Johannesburg, WHAT IS PARENTAL ALIENATION? It is a recurring problem that affects many families who experience high conflict, separation and divorce. It is the situation where one parent (the alienating parent – usually the mom) encourages the child to… Continue Reading

Disputed Child Relocation: Why the Courts Find It So Difficult to Decide

Source: Shando Theron, Head of the Matrimonial Litigation Department at Theron and Theron Attorneys in Johannesburg. or ) WHAT IS A RELOCATION DISPUTE? The Principal Family Court Judge of New Zeeland, Boshier P, has described relocation cases as “cases that involve two competent and committed parents, one with sound reasons for wishing to… Continue Reading

Thinking of Getting Divorced?

Thinking of getting divorced? How divorce works Once a married couple (whether married according to civil or customary law) has decided to get divorced, the person suing for divorce (the “Plaintiff”) needs to prepare a divorce summons, either through the High Court or the Family Court at a local Magistrates’ Court, suing the other spouse… Continue Reading

Who is a Legal Guardian?

Who is a legal guardian? A client asked me when and how a person should appoint a guardian to look after minor children, on his or her death. Why is it so important to appoint a legal guardian for your children? On the death of the first dying parent, the surviving parent becomes the sole… Continue Reading

A grandparents’ duty to support their grandchild

Grandparents’ rights and responsibilities Intro: For many South Africans, grandparents are the backbone of the family, playing an important role in caring for and imparting values to their grandchildren. But what if this vital relationship isn’t intact? What rights do grandparents have, and do they have legal responsibilities too? Story: There can be no clearer… Continue Reading

Rights of grandparents to contact with grandchildren

In LH and another v LBA(EL1426/20101, Eastern Cape High Court) the court had to decide what rights of access grandparents had to their grandchild. Summary The applicants sought an order allowing them access to their six year old grandson, born out of a relationship between their deceased son and the respondent. The respondent had initiated… Continue Reading

South African Law Blogs

South African Law Blogs
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