Bank of Mom and Dad: the rules

What to keep in mind when borrowing money from family Source – Johannesburg – The credit crunch has dashed the hopes of many South Africans wanting to buy a home or start a business. Despite a relaxation in recent months, banks’ lending criteria remain much stricter than a couple of years ago, with 100%… Continue Reading

Financial preparation before starting a family

One of the most important things to consider before starting a new family is financial preparation. Source: Carly Wood of Wonga Thinking about starting a family is a big step, but one filled with excitement as you plan for the new arrival. One of the most important things to consider before starting a new family is financial… Continue Reading

Rehabilitation Check List

What information you must provide to an attorney to apply for your rehabilitation Rehabilitation steps We’ll need the following information (some of which we may have to get from your trustee): Your full names Identity Number Job description now Job description at the time of your sequestration Employer’s detail now Your current income Your wife’s income (if… Continue Reading

Spend wisely over Christmas

It’s so easy to get into debt at this time of year, but financial headaches can be avoided if you follow these tips. Spend wisely over Christmas Staff reporter Thu, 01 Dec 2005 This article is a printout from Copyright © 2000*, a division of Metropolis* Spend wisely this holiday season, says the… Continue Reading

Managing family finances

Getting married and starting a family is no easy feat financially, but when it comes to second marriages and stepchildren, juggling monthly cash flow, debt and future asset allocation can be a minefield. Managing family finances  Iona Minton Fri, 25 Nov 2005 This article is a printout from Copyright © 2000*, a division of… Continue Reading

Manage your credit card

A credit card is seen as a symbol of status. But it’s also a symbol of debt — the easy lending facility we can use when we’re broke but still need to spend. It’s the single easiest way to borrow money, often more than we intend to. Manage your credit card  Jocelyn Newmarch Fri, 18… Continue Reading

This article explores the causes of stress and how to cope with it.

Source: Melissa Tabor Recognising, Avoiding, and Coping with Debt Stress Debt can quickly become a destructive force in anyone’s life, and can also become a major source of stress and worry. The stresses caused by debts can often make taking action to rectify the situation or attempt to deal with debts even more difficult, and… Continue Reading

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