Employing foreign nationals in South Africa

In the recent Mukuru decision of Mukuru Financial Services (Pty) Ltd and Another v Department of Employment and Labour, the Court had to consider the facts supporting the contention that Makuru had no option but to employ foreign nationals rather than South African citizens or permanent residents. Did this constitute unfair discrimination? Mukuru is a financial… Continue Reading

My asylum permit expired

My asylum permit expired and now I’m facing a fine even though all the refugee offices are closed. Source: Groundup The short answer You can approach one of the organisations that work with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees The whole question Dear Athalie My asylum seeker permit has a note saying that I… Continue Reading

Concourt takes compassionate approach to people who enter country unlawfully

Concourt takes compassionate approach to people who enter country unlawfully

17 January 2019   By Ohene Yaw Ampofo-Anti © 2019 GroundUp.  This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Asylum delayed is not (necessarily) asylum denied The Constitutional Court has ruled that if you delay applying for asylum, you don’t lose your right to do so. Archive photo: Ashraf Hendricks If a foreign national… Continue Reading

New Problems for Work Permits

The Immigration Amendment Act came into operation on 1 July 2005. Along with it came a new body of regulations, requirements – and forms. These have introduced a number of important changes for persons wishing to apply for work permits. New Problems for Work Permits   Chris Watters, Attorney Member of Law Society of Northern… Continue Reading

Difficulties currently being experienced

Probably one of the most predominant difficulties currently being experienced by applicants relates to the knock on effect of the centralization of permanent residence permit decision making, which came into effect on 1 June 2005 when the Minister of Home Affairs withdrew the delegation of this function from the regional offices and Consular Missions worldwide… Continue Reading

Visas and entry into South Africa

This article deals with the grant of visas to visitors to South AFrica Visas and entry into South Africa Chris Watters In what is the basic confirmation of the principle of national sovereignty and that the Government has the right to determine who may and may not be admitted to the Republic, section 11(1)(a) of… Continue Reading

South African Law Blogs

South African Law Blogs
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