Postnuptial Agreements

As the names suggest, a prenuptial agreement happens before marriage, and a postnuptial agreement is obtained afterwards. A prenuptial agreement can alter one’s current matrimonial property system in many ways, and most are situation dependant and therefore unique. There are various reasons for entering into a postnuptial agreement. For instance, if the financial situation of… Continue Reading

Sectoral Determination 7: Domestic Workers

The employment of domestic workers; which includes housekeepers, gardeners, nannies, domestic drivers, etc.; is governed by this determination. The determination sets – minimum wages working hours number of leave days termination rules Application Sectoral Determination 7 applies to all domestic workers  (including independent contractors and those employed by agencies), except domestic workers who – work… Continue Reading

Useful Family Law Acts

Below Is A list of useful family law acts: 2009 Hague Act Choice On Termination Of Pregnancy Act 92 of 1996 Act Choice On Termination Of Pregnancy Amend Act 1 of 2008 Child Justice Act Children Status Act 2006 Childrens Act Childrens Court Draft Forms Divorce Act Divorce Act 70 of 1979 With Caveat Domestic… Continue Reading

Bregmans practise law holistically

‘Holistic law is hard to define. It often seems more a process than a particular method of practising law. However, there seem to be some common threads among holistic lawyers, which may lead to a practical definition of holistic law. IAHL weaves these threads together and finds that many of its members are committed to… Continue Reading

Have you been blacklisted?

Bregmans can help with rescission’s of judgments and removal of adverse listings. We also rescind administration orders and emoluments attachments orders (garnishees) According to the Credit Ombud, “Blacklist is a misleading term, which came about when credit bureaux only kept negative information. In the 1980’s, following international trends, credit grantors are now encouraged to also… Continue Reading

Debt Relief – The Breathe Easy

Important This advice is not intended to replace an attorney. You should not take any legal decisions without first consulting a qualified attorney. A WAY OUT If you owe your creditors money and find yourself in a desperate situation where you cannot pay all your debts at once, there are a few options open to… Continue Reading

Debt Relief – office solutions

My Virtual Office of Solutions Stopping harassment, gaining a clear understanding of the correct legal information so as to proceed effectively, referring all creditors to your legal representative, leaving you to concentrate on your job and personal welfare, are the first steps to a debt free future. READ THE FOLLOWING SLOWLY. IT IS OUR MISSION STATEMENT. WE LIKE TO CALL… Continue Reading

Postnuptial Registration of Antenuptial Contracts

If I am married in community of property, is it possible to change to another form of marriage contract? Section 21(1) of the Matrimonial Property Act provides that a husband and wife may apply jointly to court for leave to change the matrimonial property system which applies to their marriage. Requirements In order for the… Continue Reading

South African Law Blogs

South African Law Blogs
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