Freedom Of Testation

Can I choose who to benefit in my will? In South Africa, a person can leave his or her assets to whoever he likes, with few limitations. This is called “freedom of testation“. If a person dies with a valid will, he or she dies “testate”, and without a valid will, he or she  dies… Continue Reading

Must I amend my will after a divorce?

In the aftermath of a divorce, a person often forgets to amend his or her will. A bequest to your divorced spouse in your will, which was made prior to your divorce, will not necessary fall away after divorce. The Wills Act provides that if you die within three months of the divorce, a bequest… Continue Reading

Non compos mentis

A client asked me if she could still act on a power of attorney that her mom signed in her favour, now that her mom had been diagnosed with dementia. At law, a power of attorney terminates on the incapacity of person (who becomes incompetent in law and is deemed “to be of unsound mind… Continue Reading

What to do after an accident

By Roy Bregman Bregman Moodley Attorneys What are your duties after a crash? What are your rights if you are injured or your car is damaged? You can report minor accidents online without having to physically go to a police station for a case number, provided that: You must report a crash within 24 hours… Continue Reading

Are You Being Abused?

You can apply for a Protection Order which can protect you from further abuse. How are you being abused? Physical abuse: pushing, slapping, punching, kicking, burning, biting, stabbing. Verbal abuse: putting you down, name- calling, yelling, and belittling you. Sexual abuse: having sex with you against your will, making you do sexual things you don’t… Continue Reading

South African Law Blogs

South African Law Blogs
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