Are you legally compliant? 

  • It is a difficult question to answer, but necessary.
  • Why is it difficult? Because there are so many Acts regulating a number of different things. How do you know which applies to you and what makes you compliant or not?
  • A lot of unsuspecting business owners have landed up in court because of legal compliance issues – not because they were irresponsible but because they were not aware of their legal duties in the first place.
  • We have identified a number of the important Acts which any business owner in South Africa today will need to comply with in order to be termed “legally compliant”.

Please go here to read more and see how we can help you to be legally compliant with the help of our Legal Compliance Lawyers.

Once we have assessed your company contracts, we can advise you if they comply.

Red Status  = Not Compliant: Re-do Agreements Immediately!
Orange status  = Partly compliant: Some Agreements OK but others need work
Green status  = Congratulations! You are Compliant!

Should your status be in the red or in the orange, we can work with you and quote you for the re-drafting and amending of the documents, to comply with all relevant legislatures.


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