Consumer Protection Law

The Consumer Protection Act means diverse things for consumers and business owners alike. On the one hand, it is a method for consumers to have businesses with unlawful practices held accountable for their behaviour. On the other hand, it is a chance for businesses who are on the right path to improve their systems.

This important piece of legislation affects the day to day activities of every person involved directly or indirectly with a business. It aims to protect the consumer and challenge the business owner to do better.

Consumer Protection is more intricate than just a few rights afforded to the consumer. It sets out strict guidelines for businesses to do more to support their customers. It gives customers more protection and influence on where and what they want to purchase.

As a legal service provider, we are committed to assisting you in adhering to the regulations that the Consumer Protection Act framework provides and to ensure that your business complies fully with the legislation.

Let us assess and develop your business agreements and policies. The larger your business becomes, the more demand the Consumer Protection Act will put onto your day to day processes.

We will assure that you are informed and understand what the Act entails. We will be there, providing step by step advice and explanations so that you know where you are going wrong and right.

As a business owner, you know that you can always improve. As such, we will develop the performance of your business and ensure full legal compliance.

The less you comply with the Consumer Protection Act, the more risk there is that you expose yourself to fines and the possibility of legal action being taken. The reputation of your business is also on the line.

Furthermore, the better you treat your clients and the more in line you are with the regulations, the more beneficial your brand perception becomes.

We take a weighted risk-based approach in conducting an exercise in assessing and augmenting your regulatory compliance. In doing so we need an in-depth understanding of the structure of your business, your product offerings, business processes and your contracts with your service providers, clients and consumers as defined in the CPA.

If you require our help to ensure legal compliance, contact us today.

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