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Bregman Moodley Attorneys are members of the Gauteng Family Law Forum and subscribe to its tenets by approaching family law matters in a constructive way, seeking to resolve and not to inflame. See the GFLF’s Code of Conduct

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As Family lawyers, Bregman Moodley Attorneys Inc are members of the Gauteng Family Law Forum and subscribe to its tenets by approaching family law matters in a constructive way, seeking to resolve and not to inflame.

We are skilled at resolving family law disputes with a constructive mindset. By working holistically with our clients and opposing parties, our goal is to ensure that both parties come away happier than they walked in. We seek a win-win outcome.

In some cases, we can’t always resolve matters in a way where both parties are happy. However, we are dedicated to attaining this goal with every case which we take on. Our law obliges parties to attempt to mediate disputes before proceeding to trial. We employ alternative dispute resolution methods to minimise costs, avoid unecessary acrimony and speed up the matrimonial disputes, be they divorce, maintenance for the wife or children, contact with the children locally or overseas, separation agreements, life partnership (or cohabitation) agreements, parenting plans, estate planning (including wills and trusts) and many others.

Each matrimonial matter and problem is different and entails varying levels of complexity. We hold your hand through the process, advising you on each step of the way, from start to finish. As we are not as emotionally invested as you are we will look at only the facts and act objectively in the best interest of the parties, especially if there are children involved.

Family law attempts to enforce human rights laws, in an equal manner. All members of society deserve to have legal backing which guides them to a place  where they can continue their lives even after a marriage or permanent relationship has ended.

In life, sometimes people grow apart. This does not mean that their relationship has to end badly, where the parties hate each other and the children are in the crossfire. In that situation, emotional scarring happens. We rather attempt to create a process of healing where the parties respect each other after going their separate ways. Our experience, integrity and professionalism will help immensely.

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