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[sections collapse=”allow”] [section title=”Postnuptial registration of Antenuptial contracts”] If you are married in community of property it is possible to change to another form of marriage contract. Read more »
[/section] [section title=”Antenuptial contracts for R1500″] We specialise in drafting ANC’s. We can liaise with you either face-to face or via email. The latter option would only be realistic if you already know which type of marriage contract you would prefer. Read more »
[/section][section title=”Cohabitation agreements for R1200″] If you are two adults who share an emotional, physical and financial relationship similar to that of a married couple but choose not to marry, you should prepare a domestic (or life) partnership agreement to protect yourself should your partnership dissolve. Read more »
[/section][/section][section title=”Notarial Cohabitation agreements for R1200″] Does your partner live abroad and needs to obtain a Life partner permit (which is available for those individuals who are in long term relationships with South African citizens or permanent residency holders? Read more »
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