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If you require specialist labour law advice, our expert team of skilled employment lawyers is here to guide and support you. Whether you are an employee or employer, we are highly skilled to achieve the best results for you.

Our services include contract negotiation and advice, representation at the CCMA, High Court, Labour Court and Labour Appeal Court and Bargaining Councils, to name a few. We also train management and staff on all aspects of employment law, conduct private disciplinary hearings, from the basic level all the way to the highest executive stage. We offer audits of your employment contracts and deal with any proofreading, editing and drafting of all contracts and codes of conduct. We also conduct independent and objective workplace investigations to establish the facts relating to significant wrongdoing, misconduct, or ethical lapses at work, usually part of the organization’s grievance and disciplinary procedure.

Our team are specialist Labour Law litigation experts.

We will set and try to meet all your expectations for successful labour related outcomes. We will educate you on the practical application and broader knowledge and understanding of labour legislation in conflict situations. Our team will support and fully advise you of next steps through the labour law process.

We will guide you through the labour law minefield of legislation, including acts such as the Employment Equity Act, the Labour Relations Act and the CCMA Act and rules. With our help, you will be compliant with our laws and avoid the possible consequence of unfavourable orders or judgments, claims for defamation if an employee posts defamatory slurs on social media, loss of goodwill and reputation or even more dire consequences.

Our skilled labour law team will assist as professional advisors with practical advice on tactics and advice in terms of retrenchment and other processes, settlement offers and general steps to minimise risk and costs. With our help we will ensure that you use the labour law correctly, by complying with minimum pay, work hours, leave, etc., and fully comply with the myriad labour law acts and regulation.

In this way, your actions will be above reproach and no-one – least of all a court or tribunal – will hold you accountable for any breach or unfair labour law practice.

We will hold your hand through all processes and procedures with best-practice contracts and compliance issues. Regard us as your outsourced labour law department to provide up-to-date methodologies and training.

If you are an employee and believe that your employer is not following the labour law, we are here for you. We will represent you by offering services that will ensure that you obtain relief for unfair business practices.

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