Notarial cohabitation agreements

Have you and your partner lived and intend to continue living in cohabitation as a couple in an intimate partnership which is intended to be permanent?

Does your partner live abroad and needs to obtain a Life partner permit (whichis available for those individuals who are in long term relationships with South African citizens or permanent residency holders – as provided for in Section 26(b) of the Immigration Act 13 of 2002)?

Do you share an emotional, physical and financial relationship and a mutual obligation of support for the basic necessities of life?

Do you wish to define their respective propriety rights and liabilities arising from your intimate partnership arrangement?

If you answer YES to the above questions, let Bregmans prepare a notarial cohabitation agreement for you. 

Virtual Registration

You can purchase your cohabitation agreement, online, for our inclusive fee of R2000. To proceed, click on the “Add to basket” icon below and pay the R2000 via your credit card. Once the payment is approved, the system will send you a link to insert your names, identity documents, etc. It will then generate your agreement and email it to us for approval. Once we are happy with it, we will email it to you for signature. The document will comprise of a power of attorney authorising us to appear before a notary to sign the contract on your behalf. Once the document has been notarised we will contact you and make arrangements for you to collect it from our office or, for a fee, we can send it you via Courier.


Face to face meeting

If you prefer to meet with us, face to face, our inclusive will be R2875 (R2500 plus VAT). This includes a meeting at our office with you and your partner where we advise you of the various options and act as a facilitator. Once you have reached an agreement, we will prepare the contract. If we have to spend more than an hour consulting and drafting, we may have to charge you more, but we will agree on the fee up-front.

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